Georgia Appraiser#


John M. Bryant

Peachtree Corners GA

Email me for phone Number



I have partially unretired and will start offering two courses a month.  Both will be new courses so nobody has had them.


a.USPAP 2020-21
b.Residential Appraisal Topics (Mostly birfurcated appraisals)




Cost Approach Calculator (Excel) 12/17/2017

Matched Pairs Worksheet 8/19/2017

Free HP12C Emulator

Apartment.xls and Compound.xls are two Excel spreadsheets that I've used in class.


MLS Analyzer Downloads


1.Download MLS Analyzer (64-Bit)  Works on 64-bit machines only.  The 64-bit version runs about 40% faster.
2.Download MLS Analyzer (32-Bit) Works on all machines.



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