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The Real Estate Information Management School

6185 Crooked Creek Road, Norcross, GA  30092

Phone:  770-441-0022  Fax:  770-242-6442

School  Director - John M. Bryant


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School Calendar.  Course schedule and online signup.

License Renewal and Grades.  Click here to renew your Georgia appraisal license on line or to get your grades for a tested class.

Cram Disk.  A study aid for the appraisal Licensing, Certified Residential, or Certified General Exams.  Call 770-441-0022 to order.  Secure credit card transmission is not available.

Beginner Classes.  There are no beginners' classes scheduled at this time.  Go to the GREAB Approved School Site to find a school that offers beginner classes.

Directions to the School.

Official ASC List of Appraisers Licensed in Georgia (December 2004).  (Excel required)

Compound Interest Tables (pdf).

FHA Exam Questions

Apartment.xls and Compound.xls are two Excel spreadsheets that I've used in class.