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Trojan. Some aggressive virus scanners will report a Trojan or other virus even though there is none.  If this happens, you will have to disable your virus scanner temporarily to install MLS Analyzer.


Version Number


4.29 beta 1

This version allows GAMLS Pro downloads to be merged so you can do a multi-year analysis.  This download is unnecessary unless you use GAMLS Pro and want to merge files.


Corrects the problem with GAMLS Pro.  Merging GAMLSPro files does still not work.


Additional coding to repair the FMLS download problems.  The merge file routine will still not always work with GAMLSPro but there is workaround.  Call me if you want if you want to merge GAMLSPro files.


Added a line of code to ignore "Stories" if it is not in the custom download.  It is best if you add "Stories" to you custom download.  This affects only users who use the comp import feature of MLS_Analyzer.  It does no affect the 1004MC.


This modification allows FMLS and GAMLSPro files to be merged before analysis.


FMLS has introduced some strange unreadable characters into its download that diabled MLS Analyse.  This change deletes these characters.


This is a huge upgrade.  FMLS reporting changes are reflected and REInsight downloads now work without having to fix corrupt records.



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