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This page is a central repository of my collection of PDF's.  Links to most of these PDF's are located on other pages throughout my web site.  They can be printed but some of my notes and all the bookmarks will be lost.  I have not included copyrighted PDF's such as the USPAP.




Complete GREAB Rules including Amendment of August 1, 2006

The GREAB Rules as downloaded from the Secretary of State's web page and compiled.  This does not include Title 43.

GREAB Rules Effective 8/1/2006

This document contains the amendment to the GREAB rules that effect every appraiser.  These new rules are particularly relevant to appraisers who became registered on or after August 1, 2006 and residential appraisers.

Real Estate Classification and Regulation Act (March 2004)


These rules are still in effect unless superseded by the above document.  

FHA Appendix D (Obsolete)

The FHA Appendix D provides field by field instructions on how to fill out the FNMA 1004, 1025, 1073, and 1004C.  These rules are not limited to FHA.  They are generic enough to be followed regardless of what type of residential appraisal is being done.

FHA HOC Reference Guide (Obsolete)

The HOC Reference guide is generally the latest rules provided by FHA and generally supplement Appendix D.  Watch the date at the end of each page.  Most are dated October 2005 which means Appendix D prevails.  Some are dated June 2006, which means the HOC Reference Guide prevails.

FHA 4150.2 Manual (1999) (Obsolete)

The old HUD 4150.2 Handbook.  Although most of the Handbook has been superseded, what hasn't is still valid.  A good resource when information is unavailable anywhere else.

HR 506 (Manufactured Homes)

This law was effective May 2002.  It makes all manufactured homes personal property unless a "Certificate of Permanent Placement (T-234) is filed.  GREAB Recommendation to HR 506.

Replacement Cost for Appraisals vs. Replacement Cost for Insurance

This is a 12-page white paper published by Silvia San Nicolas of Bluebook International, Inc., a cost data publication service.  It was published on this site by permissions.  This publication compares replacement cost for appraisal purposes and replacement cost for insurance purposes.

AQB Real Property Appraiser Qualifications Criteria

Qualifications for appraiser classifications as dictated by the AQB

AQB Student Appraiser Guide

Instructions for becoming an appraiser trainee all the way through becoming a Certified General Appraiser.  Includes "tracking worksheets" for keeping records of qualifying education.